The Fragmentary Interview

I was recently interviewed by Daniel from Fragmentary about my project ‘Escape Theory: The Experiment’ which is featured on the Fragmentary website. Thanks Daniel.

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Case Study: Alec Soth

Alec Soth is a photographer. Not just any kind of photographer; one that can be found in every nook & cranny of the internet, giving lectures globally, sometimes via web hangouts, mostly available on YouTube. The list of publications, press, exhibitions (solo & group), fellowships & prizes, & public & private collections found on his website is longer than a very long piece of text. We have no reason not to understand who Alec Soth is & what he has accomplished in his relatively short public career; he’s everywhere. But where did he come from?

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Review: Chris Mear – Coalville Photographed

Coalville Photographed by Graham Ellis: A series of short films and photographs by Christopher Mear

Self published edition of 25

At first glance, the cover of this book gives little detail as to what might be found within the pages. A series of eight QR codes are neatly arranged above the title suggesting, perhaps, that this book contains a cold, technological study of something, well, cold and technology based. The reality is quite different.

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